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coastal decision toolsThursday, April 22, 2010
Watermen’s Hall Auditorium
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Gloucester Point, VA  23062
8:00 am - 9:00 am - Registration
9:00 am - 3:30 pm - Workshop
(lunch included with registration)


A workshop will be held at VIMS for local government staff, advisory board members, marine contractors, permitting agents, environmental consultants, and anyone else interested in decision-making along tidal shorelines in the Commonwealth.

The planned sessions will provide information on coastal management decision tools being developed at CCRM that should prove to be useful in understanding and making decisions regarding these important resources. In addition to lecture presentations, a significant portion of the workshop will involve hands-on training in the use of decision tools.

Remember to bring a sweater for the auditorium. See the Spring 2010 Virginia Wetlands Report for more details.

Planned Workshop Sessions

Decision Tree Diagram
Coastal Management Decision Trees

The Center for Coastal Resources Management is developing a new suite of tools intended to help regulators and property owners make decisions regarding coastal resources.  Our next wetlands workshop will highlight the first component, a shoreline management decision tree that leads users through a series of questions about shoreline characteristics and results in a recommendation of the environmentally preferable treatment(s) for that shoreline.

geospatila shoreline management model
Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Plan (CCRMP)

The workshop presentation will introduce the audience to the Geospatial Shoreline Management Model including data requirements, interpretation, uses, and development progress. Sample maps will be presented. The geospatial model will be discussed within the context of the larger CCRMP. As well, a brief discussion of other components to the conceptual plan will be offered.

GIS tool screen
Shoreline Assessment Mapper (SAM)

A new interactive online GIS tool is being developed to help bring baseline shoreline data to the desktops of local planners and board members who make decisions pertaining to shoreline projects and other coastal activities. The GIS tool will provide multiple data layers for various upland, wetland and shallow water habitat resources and site conditions in one convenient location. The workshop presentation will introduce the audience to the GIS tool, the data content, and basic “how to.”

Workshop Registration Form ( fillable .pdf)

registration form

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