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CCRM Intern Program

CCRM hosted three summer interns in 2004:

Heather Austin in fieldHeather Austin worked on the nontidal wetland assessment in identification of wetland stressors (manmade encroachments such as roads or ditches) within 30 and 100 meters. Heather supported work in approximately 70 total wetland sites.



Zack Kator assisted with the TMDL project by entering data and creating maps for the Division of Shellfish Sanitation shoreline sanitary survey. In previous years, Zach has assisted in the shoreline inventory mapping project.

Inia Soto analyzed the relationship between fish community indices, submerged aquatic vegetation, river discharge and coastal development using a combination of GIS and statistics. Anthropogenic impacts on SAV biomass, fish communities and water quality in the lower Rappahannock River, a major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, were investigated.

The following is a figure from Inia's final report, "Influence of land use on the distribution of submerged aquatic vegetation and fish populations in the Rappahannock River."

Land Use in the Rappahannock River