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CCRM Intern Program

CCRM hosted five summer interns in 2005:

Heather Austin in fieldHeather Austin worked on the nontidal wetland assessment in identification of wetland stressors (manmade encroachments such as roads or ditches) within 30 and 100 meters. Heather supported work in approximately 70 total wetland sites.



ZachZack Kator assisted with the TMDL project by entering data and creating maps for the Division of Shellfish Sanitation shoreline sanitary survey. In previous years, Zach has assisted in the shoreline inventory mapping project.



Niall Phelan is a graduate student at the University College Cork.  He Niall
has been here working on his Master's thesis topic for his degree in Integrated Coastal Zone Management. While at VIMS, he worked on adapting the Virginia use conflict model to Irish shellfish aquaculture in order to assess conflicts with other Bay functions including finfish aquaculture, recreational, aesthetic and habitat suitability. A case study was completed for Bantry Bay in Ireland using the principles of the user conflict model for assessment. The case study site was visited by CCRM staff in 2001.  


Ben McFarlane has interned with the Comprehensive Coastal Inventory Program since his sophomore year at University of Virginia. During his internship Ben worked on the Shoreline Inventory Project developing GIS coverages, maps, and doing routine quality assurance measures. Ben will receive his BS in Economics this year from UVA. He hopes to attend graduate school and study urban and environmental planning.

MonicaMonica Wait is a graduate student at the College of William and Mary in the Thomas Jefferson Program for Public Policy. Monica worked on an analysis of the costs of a suite of management options to improve water quality for the purposes of growing shellfish. The analysis also included estimates of benefits from shellfish production to measure whether water quality was sufficiently improved to meet Virginia's shellfish waters standards.