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Julie G. Bradshaw

Wetlands Program

B.S., Biology, College of William & Mary

M.E.M. (Master of Environmental Management), Duke University




Wetlands Facility
Rm 104


(804) 684-7894

Research Interests

Functional assessment of wetlands.

Avian use of wetlands and coastal resources.

Wetlands and coastal resources education programs.


Current Projects

Tidal wetlands research and advisory service. Outreach education.


Selected Publications

Perry, J.E., T.A. Barnard, J.G. Bradshaw , C. Friedrichs, K.J. Havens, P. Mason, W. Priest, and G. Silberhorn. 2001. Creating tidal salt marshes in the Chesapeake Bay. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 27, 170-191.

Havens, K.J., L.M. Varnell and J.G. Bradshaw . 1995. An assessment of ecological conditions between a constructed tidal marsh and two natural reference tidal marshes in Virginia. Ecological Engineering 4(2): 117-141.

Bradshaw, J.G. 1991. A technique for the functional assessment of nontidal wetlands in the coastal plain of Virginia. VIMS Special Report No. 315 in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. Gloucester Point, VA. (www.vims.edu/GreyLit/VIMS/sramsoe315.pdf)