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Karen A. Duhring

Wetlands Program

B.S. Environmental Studies, New College of USF, Sarasota, FL.

M.S. Coastal Zone Management, Florida Institute of Technology,
Melbourne, FL.



Wetlands Facility, Rm 101

(804) 684-7159

Research Interests

  • Long-term effectiveness of “living shoreline” techniques for erosion protection

  • Facilitating shoreline stewardship and behavior change

Current Projects

  • Continuing education and training for Virginia Master Naturalists & Master Gardceners, local & state government, citizen advisory boards, and marine industry

  • Living shorelines project tracking and adaptive management feedback

  • Coastal resource management plans and decision tools


Selected Publications

Bilkovic, D.M., Mitchell, M., Mason, P., and Duhring, Karen. The Role of Living Shorelines as Estuarine Habitat Conservation Strategies. 2016. Coastal Management 44 (3): 161-174.

Hardaway, C.S. Jr., Milligan, D. and Duhring, Karen.  2010.  Living Shoreline Design Guidelines for Shore Protection in Virginia's Estuarine Environments, version 1.2.  Special Report in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering No. 421, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point, Virginia.