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Carlton H. Hershner, Jr.

Director, Center for Coastal Resources Management
Associate Professor of Marine Science

B.S., Bucknell University

Ph.D., University of Virginia

Pollock 105
(804) 684-7387

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in tidal and nontidal wetlands ecology, landscape ecology and resource management/policy issues. I have active interests in resource inventory procedures, habitat restoration protocols, resource management "expert system" development, and science-policy interactions. Much of my current activity involves integrated resource management and the development of supporting scientific rationale. This work involves collaboration with colleagues in other disciplines and is presently focused on coastal watershed management.

Current Projects

- Structure and function of nontidal wetlands in the coastal plain
- Watershed management in the York River Basin
- Resource use conflict analysis and policy development
- Landscape level habitat suitability model development
- Shoreline management policy development

Selected Publications

Bilkovic, D. M., M. Roggero, C.H. Hershner and K. J. Havens. 2006. Evaluating benthic indices for use in nearshore estuarine habitats. Estuaries and Coasts 29(6B): 1185-1195.

Olney, J.E., D.M. Bilkovic, C.H. Hershner, L.M. Varnell, H. Wang, and R.L. Mann. 2006. Six fish and 600,000 thirsty folks – A fishing moratorium on American shad thwarts a controversial municipal reservoir project in Virginia. American Fisheries Society Symposium, 2006. 587-597.

Woods, H., W.J. Hargis Jr., C.H. Hershner, and P. Mason. 2005. Disappearance of the natural emergent 3-dimensional oyster reef system of the James River, Virginia, 1871-1948. Journal of Shellfish Research 24(1):139-142.

Bilkovic, D.M., C. Hershner. 2005. Ecosystem approaches to aquatic health assessment: linking subtidal habitat quality, shoreline condition and estuarine fish communities. Semi-annual report to NOAA/NCBO. Project Award Number: NA04NMF4570360.

Bilkovic, D.M., C. Hershner, M.R. Berman, K.J. Havens, and D.M. Stanhope. 2004. Evaluating Estuarine Indicators of Ecosystem Health in the Nearshore of Chesapeake Bay. In: S. Bortone (ed.) Estuarine Indicators Workshop Proceedings, CRC Press, Inc.

Perry, J. E. and C. Hershner.1999. Temporal changes in the vegetation pattern in a tidal freshwater marsh. Wetlands 19(1):90-99.

Berman, M. and C. Hershner. 1999. Development of guidelines for generating shoreline situation reports: Establishing protocols for data collection and dissemination. Final report to USEPA.

Greiner, M. and C. Hershner. 1998. Analysis of wetland total phosphorus retention and watershed structure. Wetlands 18(1),142-150.

Varnell, L. M., K. J. Havens and C. Hershner. 1995. Daily variability in the population levels and characteristics of aquatic wildlife using tidal salt marshes. Estuaries 18(2):326-334.