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Y. Joseph Zhang

Research Associate Professor, CCRMJoseph Zhang

PhD & MSc (Hons.), 1996 & 1993, University of Wollongong, Australia

BSc, 1991, Beijing University, China

Email: yjzhang@vims.edu
Phone: (804) 684-7466
Office: Wetlands Facility

Research Interests

Theoretical and computational geophysical fluid mechanics, nonlinear wave mechanics, complex 3D environmental flows, numerical methods.

SELFE, an open-source community-supported modelling system, based on unstructured grids, designed for the effective simulation of 3D baroclinic circulation across river-to-ocean scales.

The Virtual Columbia River is a skill-assessed 4D (space-time) simulation environment that offers multiple representations of circulation processes, variability and change across river-to-shelf scales.

Selected Publications

  1. Azevedo, A., Oliveira, A., Fortunato, A.B., Zhang, Y., and Baptista, A.M. A cross-scale numerical modeling system for management support of oil spill accidents, Environmental Modelling & Software (submitted).

  2. Roland, A., Zhang, Y., Wang, H.V., Maderich, V. and Brovchenko, I. (2012) A fully coupled wave-current model on unstructured grids, Journal of Geophysical Research (invited contribution).

  3. Pinto, L., Fortunato, A.B., Zhang, Y., Oliveira, A. and Sancho, F.E.P. Development and validation of a three-dimensional morphodynamic modelling system, Ocean Modelling (submitted).

  4. Witter, R.C, Zhang, Y., Wang, K., Goldfinger, C., Priest, G.R., Allan, J.C. Coseismic slip on the Cascadia megathrust implied by tsunami deposits in an Oregon lake. Nature Geoscience (submitted).

  5. Witter, R.C., Jaffe, B., Zhang, Y. and Priest, G.R. (in press) Reconstructing hydrodynamic flow parameters of the 1700 tsunami at Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA., Natural Hazards.

  6. Zhang, Y., Witter, R.W. and Priest, G.P. (2011) Tsunami-Tide Interaction in 1964 Prince William Sound Tsunami, Ocean Modelling, 40, 246-259.

  7. Priest, G.R., Goldfinger, C., Wang, K., Witter, R.C., Zhang, Y., Baptista, A.M. (2010) Confidence levels for tsunami-inundation limits in northern Oregon inferred from a 10,000-year history of great earthquakes at the Cascadia subduction zone. Natural Hazards, 54(1), 27-73.

  8. Burla, M., Baptista, A.M. Zhang, Y., and Frolov, S. (2010) Seasonal and inter-annual variability of the Columbia River plume: a perspective enabled by multi-year simulation databases. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, C00B16.

  9. Frolov, S., Baptista, A.M., Zhang, Y. and Seaton, C. (2009) Estimation of Ecologically Significant Circulation Features of the Columbia River Estuary and Plume Using a Reduced-Dimension Kalman Filter. Continental Shelf Research, 29(2), 456-466.

  10. Rodrigues, M., Oliveira, A., Queiroga, H., Fortunato, A.B., and Zhang, Y. (2009) Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Lower Trophic Levels in the Ria de Aveiro (Portugal), Ecological Modelling, 220(9-10), 1274-1290.

  11. Rodrigues, M., Oliveira, A., Costa, M., Fortunato, A.B. and Zhang, Y. (2009) Sensitivity analysis of an ecological model applied to the Ria de Aveiro. Journal of Coastal Research, SI56, 448-452.

  12. Zhang, Y., and Baptista, A.M. (2008) An Efficient and Robust Tsunami Model on Unstructured Grids. Part I: Inundation Benchmarks. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 165, 2229–2248.

  13. Zhang, Y., and Baptista, A.M. (2008) SELFE: A semi-implicit Eulerian-Lagrangian finite-element model for cross-scale ocean circulation. Ocean Modelling, 21(3-4), 71-96.

  14. Foreman, M.G.G., Stucchi, D., Zhang, Y. and Baptista, A.M. (2006) Estuarine and tidal currents in the Broughton Archipelago, Atmospherie-Ocean, 44(1), 47-63.

  15. Baptista, A.M., Zhang, Y., Chawla, A., Zulauf, M.A., Seaton, C., Myers, E.P., Kindle, J., Wilkin, M., Burla, M. and Turner, P.J. 2005 A cross-scale model for 3D baroclinic circulation in estuary-plume-shelf systems: II. Application to the Columbia River. Continental Shelf Research, 25, 935-972.

Invited Presentations

  1. (Conference co-organizer) Workshop on Tsunami Hydrodynamics in a Large River, Oregon State Univ. Aug. 2011.

  2. (Invited presentation) Zhang, Y. 2011 Challenges in 3D cross-scale modeling, SIAM Conference on Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences, Long Beach, CA.

  3. (Invited presentation) Zhang, Y. 2009 Simulating Nearshore Wave Dynamics Using SELFE, ISEC Workshop on Simulation & Large-Scale Testing of Nearshore Wave Dynamics Oregon State Univ., OR.

  4.  (Invited presentation) Zhang, Y. and Baptista, A.M. 2006 “Modeling circulation variability in a complex estuary-plume system”, International workshops on coastal observatories, 17-19 October, 2006, Liverpool, UK.

Selected Presentations

  1. Zhang, Y.L. and Baptista, A.M. 2000 An efficient adaptive editor for unstructured grid. 7th International Conference on Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulations, Whistler, B.C., Canada, 395-404.

  2. Bogdanov, A.A., Wan, E.A., Carlsson, M., Zhang, Y., Kieburtz, R. and Baptista, A.M., 2001 Model predictive neural control of a high fidelity helicopter model. AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  3. Wan, E.A., Bogdanov, A.A., Kieburtz, R., Baptista, A.M., Carlsson, M., Zhang, Y. and Zulauf, M.A. Model predictive neural control for aggressive helicopter maneuvers. SEC book on Control of Autonomous Vehicles (to appear).

  4. Zhang, Y.L. and Baptista, A.M. 2004. Benchmarking a new open-source 3D circulation model (ELCIRC). Proceedings XVth International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources. Miller, C.T., Farthing, M.W., Gray, W.G., and Pinder, G.F. (eds), Chapel Hill, N.C., USA, pp. 1791-1800.

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