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Best Management Practices for Fairfax County Shoreline

CCRMP Shoreline Best Management Practices: Gloucester County

Shoreline Best Management Practices:

These practices, delineated along the shoreline reflect the preferred approach for erosion control based on observed shoreline conditions at the time of the analysis. The delineation was developed from a geo-spatial model that accounts for site characteristics such as bank condition, nearshore depth, exposure to waves, and location of primary structures (e.g. homes). The recommendations reflect the Commonwealths's preferred approach for shoreline stabilization; using living shoreline treatments wherever adequate erosion control can be achieved.

The assessment was conducted at parcel level scale but the output represents a reach based or cumulative approach to shoreline management. In some instances, specific site conditions, including the presence of existing erosion control structure, lot size, or proximity of primary buildings to the shoreline, may alter the recommendation. For more explicit, on-site decision making refer to the Decision Tree Shoreline Management Options. The Decision Trees lead users though a series of questions about shoreline characteristics and result in recommendations of environmentally preferred treatments for the shoreline.

Decision Tree
Decision Trees 
- Best Use(s):  For onsite field review of shoreline management options
Gloucester BMP map
Mapped Shoreline Best Management Practices (or go back and choose the Toolbox Button to see the County Map Viewer)
- Best Use(s):
  1. Desktop review of shoreline management options
  2. Regulatory consistency with preferred the best management practices
  3. Comprehensive Planning
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