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Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Portal (CCRMP): Gloucester County

Welcome to the Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Portal (CCRMP) for Gloucester County.  This site has been prepared to assist with implementation of new policy established by the General Assembly in 2011.  In 2011, the Virginia Assembly passed legislation to amend sections §28.2-1100 and §28.2-104.1 of the Code of Virginia.  These amendments require that local governments incorporate the guidance prepared by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s Center for Coastal Resources Management into local Comprehensive Plans when they come up for revision. 

The addition of section §15.2-2223.2 establishes that Living Shorelines are now the Commonwealth’s preference for tidal shoreline management wherever possible. The Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Portal (CCRMP) provides guidance for adopting this policy into planning documents as well as where these best management practices are appropriate along the shoreline.  The CCRMP also provides access to data and tools for additional guidance on shoreline management, regulatory review, and resource risk and vulnernability.

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