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Climate Change Database Clearinghouse

Climate change has very likely left a signal in natural resource status and productivity in Virginia.  This signal may exist within in a variety of data ranging from crop and forest production, to fishery landings, to spatial distribution of plant and animal species.  Description of these signals combined with known changes in climatic conditions (temperature, rainfall, etc) provides a basis for hindcasting or modeling estimates based on past events, showing possible cause and effect relationships. 

These data, however, are not well known or easily accessible.  Therefore, efforts to conduct studies which may reveal important trends are hampered because no coherent assembly of information exists.  This clearinghouse assembles an online bibliography of available datasets that are described and documented by category or class.  The website provides unlimited access to the latest data files, metadata and data originators to support development of predictive scenarios of climate change impact.

See the entire Climate Change Database Report.

Biological Data

Benthic section of biological database


Great Heron


Blue crab

Fish & Shellfish

Tiger swallowtail



Other Fauna



Seagrasses - Combined Biological Section

Combined Biological




Physical Data

Climatic physical data


Landscape physical data


Water related physical data

Water Related

Other physical data


Miscellaneous Data

Miscellaneous data: federal
Federal Agencies

Miscellaneous data: state
State Agencies

Miscellaneous data: regional

Regional Agencies

Miscellaneous Data: other organizations

Combined Biological and Physical Data


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