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Open Space Restoration: VIMS Campus Redevelopment Project

Approximately 1.5 acres of the waterfront landscape on the VIMS campus will be restored after the demolition of several old buildings.  The restored landscape will serve both practical and education purposes.  Like the VIMS Teaching Marsh, this project will provide another on-campus teaching tool to demonstrate landscape practices that help protect water quality and wildlife habitat.  The quality of campus life will also be improved with new recreation areas and beach access.  Potential landscape elements include:

  • Restored riparian buffer using native plants (approx. 400 feet of shoreline),

  • Ornamental trees and gardens using low-maintenance, native plants,

  • Stormwater Best Management Practices, biofilters, cisterns, and rain garden(s),

  • Paths and open-pile walkways, wide enough to accommodate groups,

  • Picnic areas, and

  • Small amphitheater for public lectures and education.

Information Related to Redevelopment of VIMS Campus

Redevelopment aerial view  
  • Videos of demolition - (Accept and install Active X when the web site loads to see the camera feed.)
- Byrd Hall
- Demolition Site
- New Pier Construction
CCRM buffer planting
Shoreline aerial
Blanketflower - Gaillardia pulchella v. puchella  
Byrd Hall
View of area to be redeveloped
LEED Team  
Redevelopment aerial view