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Education: Chesapeake Baywatch

Chesapeake Bay Watch is a continuing program designed to engage the public in issues regarding the living resources and natural history of the Bay. Topics range from current issues to plant and animal species to seasonal changes in the Bay and other topics of general interest.

There is a continuing need for public education to increase awareness of the current status of the Bay and ongoing activities to enhance knowledge which may lead to increased citizen involvement in protecting the future of the Bay. This series is designed to translate scientific knowledge into language and settings that are exciting and unique to the Chesapeake Bay for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

To view the videos on the following topics click on this link (takes you out of CCRM to the VIMS website).

blue crab
blue heron
fiddler crab
horseshoe crab
oyster reef
rappa whelk
reed grass
sea horse
sea level rise
sea nettles
sea turtle
shoreline mapping