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Interactive Maps: Oil Spill Cleanup and Response (OSCAR)

Have a question about Oil Spill Cleanup and Response? Ask OSCAR, an interactive mapping application designed primarily for the Chesapeake Bay coastal region and its unique resource features. During the last several decades, the Chesapeake Bay has experienced several large spill events threatening our environment. The Bay's resources remain vulnerable as they share the coastal area with several large shipping ports, major interstate commerce routes, extensive underground pipelines, industrial facilities, and other areas that have the potential to cause significant environmental damage through accidental spills.

To effectively protect vulnerable resources from a spill event, they must be identified before a spill occurs. OSCAR provides information on protection priorities within the Chesapeake Bay basin. Although data for the entire basin is included, the coastal area was the primary focus for this iteration of OSCAR. This Internet application allows you to create customized maps, and with a click of the mouse, identify a point of interest and view detailed scientific data associated with that location.

A "HELP" tool is available to get new users started. This tool gives a general introduction to the interface, including instructions for activating data themes, zooming and panning, getting tabular data, and viewing metadata.

To use this tool, you must first read and agree to conditions outlined in the disclaimer.