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Welcome: Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail

kids kayak campThe Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail is a partnership project initiated in January 2009 to preserve the valued coastal landscape, and tell the colorful history of Mathews County’s nautical heritage.  Phase I of the project will focus on water routes, and will follow the 90 mile Blueways Water Trail, a component of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.  Later phases will include bicycle routes and scenic drives to allow local citizens and tourists a chance to explore and learn about the county’s natural and cultural assets.

Efforts are underway to map and document numerous cultural resources along the Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail.  A pilot project on the East River, coordinated by the Mathews Maritime Foundation and its numerous partners, will include historic wharves; fish and crab packing houses; historic shipyards; marinas; tide mills; plantations; environmental sites and public access areas. We invite you to join with us to document our county’s connections to the sea and help us tell the stories of our shared maritime heritage.

For access to map segments click on the index map below, then choose points of interest.

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Williams Wharf currentWilliams Wharf historical

Historical Shoreline structure
Mathews Shoreline


Bohannon Tide Mill

Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail Committee, its members and employees, The Virginia Institute of Marine Science and anyone else whether associated with this project or not, makes no representation and specifically disallows any reliance on any statement contained herein. The Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail Committee assumes no responsibility or liability for injury or loss resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this Guide or paddling in the area.

Project Partners

Mathews Maritime Foundation National Park Service ccrm
federal highway administration department of conservation and recreation Mathews County

The maritime sites presented here could not have been identified or cited without the assistance of many folks who have an interest in preserving the heritage of Mathews County.  Among the contributors are:

Gloucester-Mathews Gazette Journal
Virginia Department of Historic Resources
Longleaf Alliance Inc.
Phyllis Dameron
Dave Montgomery
Walter Becknell
Marcy Benouameur
Millie Montgomery
Wilson Davis
Dave Machen
Suzanne Gibson
Court Van Clief
Greg Dusenberry
Janet Loyd
Ursula Lemanski
Matt Rowe
Nancy James
Ron James
Katy Walden
Danette Machen
Katherine Hendrick
Tom Eley
Rebecca Garrett
Grace Forrest
Dennis Crawford
Elsa Verbyla
Tom Colvin
Mary Horn
Bob Warren
Reed Lawson
Forrest Morgan
Nancy Lindgren
Carole Chapman
Jack Caldwell
Robert H. Burgess
Catherine Brooks
Marjorie Hayes
Hamilton Crockford
Mary Sampson
CCRM/VIMS Federal Highway Administration VA Department of Conservation and Recreation Mathews County Virginina