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Living Shorelines: Why a Living Shoreline?

marsh sill during construction

Marsh Sill During Construction

Are you a shoreline property owner that is new to Living Shorelines?

Living Shoreline Treatments address erosion in lower energy situations by providing long-term protection, restoration or enhancement of vegetated shoreline habitats through strategic placement of plants, stone, sand fill and other structural or organic materials. Living Shoreline Treatments do not include structures that sever the natural processes & connections between uplands and aquatic areas.

See the new research section related to the ecological and erosion protection functions of Chesapeake Bay living shorelines, as well as policy and legislation.

Remember: Any action on a single shoreline has the potential to impact adjacent shorelines. Shoreline alterations should be avoided where they are not really necessary. When erosion along a shoreline has the potential to result in significant loss of property and upland improvement, then the consideration of shoreline erosion protection activities may be appropriate. Preserving, creating or enhancing natural systems such as marshes, beaches and dunes is always the preferred approach to shoreline erosion protection.

Living Shorelines Benefits

• Reducing bank erosion and property loss to you or your neighbor

• Providing an attractive natural appearance

• Creating recreational use areas

• Improving marine habitat & spawning areas

• Allowing affordable construction costs

• Improving water quality and clarity

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