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Coastal Topics Catalog: Beaches

research projects
Geographic Information Support to Chesapeake Bay Erosion Feasibility Study, Maryland
This project determines the risk to natural habitat (beaches and marshes), and socio-economic resources that can be attributed to shoreline erosion. The project also looks at the influence boat wake activity has on shoreline erosion in protected embayments. The degree of vulnerability will be determined using a GIS based spatial model. The output will be displayed in an interactive map environment.

Sand Dunes and Beaches in Virginia: Science and Management
An article that discusses the importance of beaches and dunes in Virginia along with science and management implications.

science publications
Integrated Guidance for Tidal Shorelines

map products
Chesapeake Bay Dune Systems Evolution and Status
This project combines GIS, GPS, remote sensing, ground surveys, and applied knowledge of sandy shorelines to map and classify the primary and secondary dune and beach systems in Virginia’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay. Analyses of vegetation, grain size, and offshore bathymetry complement beach and dune geomorphology to create a holistic assessment for managers, researchers, planners, and waterfront property owners. Analyses of management structure and history are combined with physical attributes to critique management effectiveness and develop policy recommendations. Products include comprehensive locality-specific inventories, shoreline change models, management guidelines, and a geologic-based classification system for estuarine dune fields. Text and digital reports are available. For more information see VIMS Shoreline Studies. http://www.vims.edu/physical/research/shoreline/


Living Shoreline Design and Construction Guidance
Guidance manual designed for living shoreline construction