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Coastal Topics Catalog: Wetland Boards

research projects
Assessing the Decision-making Process in Wetlands Resources Management in Virginia
This study is the first step in trying to elucidate how local wetland boards have balanced the environmental charge (for which they have significant guidance) with the socioeconomic charge, where there is nothing available beyond a requirement in the act to accommodate this factor. The study aims to provide an assessment of the extent to which social and economic issues are currently incorporated in the decision-making process by the local wetlands boards, and to suggest a preliminary framework for incorporating social and economic considerations in the wetlands decision-making process. This framework is only the first step in suggesting key social and economic elements that should be considered. Further development and tests should be performed to evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of this framework in the near future.

Development of a Virginia Nontidal Wetlands Database
This tool uses GIS to target sites in the landscape suitable for wetland creation. It has application for wetland restoration or mitigation projects. The tool outputs selected sites based on five suitability parameters: presence of hydric soils, presence of hydrology, adjacency to existing wetlands, existing landuse and the opportunity for landscape conversion, and proximity to designated conservation areas.

Wetland Restoration Plan at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia
This project involves providing expert advice on the design and construction of a wetlands restoration project on the naval shipyard property.

science publications
Answering Local Wetlands Boards Needs Regarding Guidance in Investigating Wetlands Violations
This handbook is designed to provide guidance to Wetlands Boards and their staff in dealing with violation procedure.

Field Testing the Proposed Federal Wetlands Delineation Manual
This article tests the scientific validity and technical consistency of revisions to the 1989 Federal Manual for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands.

Interagency Shoreline Management Consensus Document
This project to develop a consensus position from a VIMS perspective, with funding from the Virginia Coastal Program, may serve as the initiation of an effort to develop consensus guidance on shoreline management that integrates the issues and concerns extant in the various independent management programs in Virginia.

Wetlands Guidelines Revisions
The Center for Coastal Resources Management, VIMS, has undertaken an initiative to provide integrated scientific guidance for better-informed decision-making regarding Virginia’s shoreline systems. We are working on a revised Wetland Guidelines document on a parallel track with our on-going comprehensive guidance initiative. The Wetlands Guidelines will be based upon the current scientific understanding of the ecology of wetlands and role in the landscape. The document will provide an overview of the state of the science and identify environmental preferences and supporting rationale for shoreline management options.

Wetlands Management Handbook
Information on wetlands ordinance, dunes, guidelines, mitigation policies, permits, and marinas for Virginia.

Wetlands Technical Reports
A link to various wetland technical reports published by CCRM.


Using a Citizen's Wetland Education Workshop As A Tool in Regulatory Compliance (A “Driver's Safety” Course for Wetland Violators)
A presentation for managers regarding wetland violators

Wetlands Board Boot Camp
Intended as a basic training course for new wetland board members/staff, those who have never had formal training, & those who want a refresher on the basics.

Wetlands Self Taught Education Units
A training series on various topics related to wetlands with units and self tests.