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Coastal Topics Catalog: GIS/Computers

research projects
Geographic Information Support to Chesapeake Bay Erosion Feasibility Study, Maryland
This project determines the risk to natural habitat (beaches and marshes), and socio-economic resources that can be attributed to shoreline erosion. The project also looks at the influence boat wake activity has on shoreline erosion in protected embayments. The degree of vulnerability will be determined using a GIS based spatial model. The output will be displayed in an interactive map environment.

Internet based decision tool for siting wetland restoration sites in Hampton Roads, VA
This project uses the protocol and findings of the Advanced Identification of Wetland Restoration sites to develop an interactive, web-based management tool to assist regulators, developers, and project agents in location of potential compensatory mitigation sites in Hampton Roads.

Maintenance of Virginia Nontidal Wetlands Database
Maintenance of a website-accessible database for nontidal wetlands permitting in Virginia. For more information, please see http://ccrm.vims.edu/wetlands/nontidal_impacts.html

Remote Sensing of Natural Areas: Procedures and Considerations for Assessing Stress and Pollution
A technical report on wetland vegetation stress and how it can be measured using visible and IR wavelengths.

VIMS Shoreline Permit Database Impacts and Alterations Summary 1988-1992
A collection of VIMS Shoreline Permit Application Records.

VIMS Shoreline Permit Database Impacts and Alterations Summary 1993-2000
A collection of VIMS Shoreline Permit Application Records.

Wetlands Permit Review and Report Generator
This project enhances the permit reporting process to increase the amount of information presented while automating systematic reporting. This is the first system of its kind that combines expert staff review with landscape information retrieved from spatial databases. The report generator is always being modified as new landscape information is available. The reports along with the original application and related photos are posted online in a searchable database: http://www.vims.edu/ccrm/wetlands/newpermits.html

science publications
The State of the Art in Wetlands Modelling: An Emphasis on Techniques and Technologies
A wetlands technical report describing wetlands modelling techniques.

map products
Aquaculture Vulnerability Model
This study uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to model risks to shellfish aquaculture.

Blue Infrastructure
The Blue Infrastructure online mapping tool integrates important aquatic resources that have been compiled for the coastal zone of Virginia using GIS technology.

GIS Conversion of VMRC Fisheries Management Areas
This project generates a GIS database of the location of Virginia’s managed fisheries areas within the Bay. Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs) within Virginia include artificial reefs, sanctuaries, oyster reefs, and important finfish spawning grounds, to name a few. They are the cornerstone of the Federal government’s Marine Managed Areas Inventory for Virginia. FMAs are surveyed, managed, and regulated by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. In a cooperative project between VIMS and VMRC, these data have been converted to GIS formats for integration into other state and federal aquatic management initiatives. Among them is Blue Infrastructure, which collects and disseminates aquatic resource data in an interactive GIS format accessible through the Internet. Virginia’s FMA boundaries and database have been added to Blue Infrastructure as a project deliverable. Link to project page at:http://ccrm.vims.edu/blueinfrastructure/bi_intro.html

Integration of Protection Strategies to an Interactive GIS Database
This project enhances the existing online interactive GIS database known as OSCAR (Oil Spill Clean-up and Response Tool). Protective strategies are strategies that military or industrial installations file with the USCG for approval. They address protective measures planned in the event that an oil spill results from their operation. Protective strategies generally provide for the placement of booms and other devices to trap or retard the spread of oil to sensitive areas. The Coast Guard reviews and approves these strategies individually. In Virginia, no strategies have been submitted for review. Currently strategies from Baltimore district are being evaluated for inclusion. Where possible, protective strategies that are approved will be converted to a GIS theme for inclusion in OSCAR.

Scanned Permit Archive
A database of VIMS shoreline permit applications from 1971 to present.

Shoreline Assessment Mapper
SAM is provided as a data resource to assist local and state government staff as they review shoreline conditions and make recommendations regarding proposed permit actions.

Wind Energy GIS Database
This report consists of brief descriptions of the references and URLs, where available. The area of interest (AOI) consists of Minerals Management Service (MMS) lease blocks in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Living Shorelines Website 2010 Presentation
A description of the updated CCRM Living Shorelines Website