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general publications

Coastal Topics Catalog: General Publications

research projects
York River Water Trails Guide
This project assists in the development of basemaps for a water trail guide along the mainstem of the York River. The project is the downstream continuation of a previous guide which was developed for the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers. The guide will highlight special natural features along the river as well as historic cultural sites and recreational facilities.

science publications
CCRM Annual Reports
The Center for Coastal Resources Management (CCRM) develops and supports integrated and adaptive management of coastal zone resources through research, advisory service, and outreach education. The CCRM Annual Reports showcase these projects, related funding and activities, as well as the staff of professional scientists and technical experts.

CCRM Project Reports
A description of CCRM completed and ongoing projects sorted by principle investigator.

CCRM Special Reports
A description of CCRM special reports.

Terrapin Files Researchers Survey the Distribution of Threatened Turtles

A wetlands technical document describing the hydrologic cycle and various components of water movement.

in the news
Garden Club of America Scholarship
The Center manages the annual advertisement, review, and selection of recipients for the Garden Club of America Scholarship for Wetland Studies. Each year the Center advertises and responds to inquiries regarding the award. In February it receives, reviews, and ranks applicants and makes a recommendation to the GCA for that years awards. Awards are open to any graduate student undertaking a field oriented study of wetlands at an American university. For more information, please see http://ccrm.vims.edu/garden_club.html