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Research: Physical Processes

Numerous physical processes shape the systems we study.  These include characteristics of water bodies, watersheds, or the environment such as water depth, water volume, watershed area, precipitation, water residence times, etc.

tidal flushing residence timesTidal Flushing Characteristics in VA’s Tidal Embayments (2007)

The objective of this project was to perform a combination of water quality modeling analyses that evaluated individual systems for general flushing characteristics. Residence times for water bodies in the Virginia coastal zone were calculated using three water quality models, depending upon the complexity of the water body. Results showed that residence times range from 0.1 to 29 days. One outlier has a residence time of 72 days. Approximately 80% of water bodies in the Virginia coastal zone are dominated by quickly flushed tidal creeks and tributaries with residence times less than about 5 days.
Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data, and the residence times were grouped into tidal flushing categories using mean depth. Shallower water bodies flush more quickly than deeper water bodies. The flushing categories (quickly, intermediately, and slowly flushed) reflect a relative time frame in which a water body is flushed. Residence times and flushing categories were joined to a geographic information system layer in order to spatially display and analyze results.



wind energyWind Energy GIS Database (2008)

The Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium (VCERC) consists of a partnership between universities, government agencies, and industry. VCERC provides the research and development required for the commercialization and implementation of renewable energy by using algal biomass, wind and wave resources available in Virginia.  Researchers are exploring whether offshore wind power, using coastal Virginia's abundant supply of wind and wave energy, should be tapped to generate electricity.  CCRM provided GIS and data expertise to VCERC in support of this effort.  The area of interest consists of Minerals Management Service lease blocks in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This report consists of references containing biologic and physical data.  URLs are included, where available. 

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