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Research: Wetlands


Transitional Wetland Faunal Community Characterization and Response to Precipitation-Driven Salinity Fluctuations (link available to subscribers or subscribed institutions - copies upon request to Dr. Donna Bilkovic)

tidal wetlands

Refinement and Validation of a Multi-Level Assessment Method for Mid-Atlantic Tidal Wetlands

Lynnhaven Watershed

The Effects of Sea Level Rise on Tidal Wetlands in the Lynnhaven River Watershed

Frog with microphone

Frogloggers - remote study of amphibian sound signatures

assessment methodologies

Assessment Methodologies - models developed at three levels of data collection to characterize the capacity of wetlands to provide water quality and habitat services using remotely sensed data.

Forested Wetland

HGM Non-Tidal Research - includes wetlands, woody depressional and forested depressional models.