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ACE tools (xmgr5, xmgredit5, and xmvis6) are custom-made for SCHISM model, and we highly recommend you install them on your local system. Compared to other visualization tools, ACE tools are highly efficient and are sufficient for your day-to-day research. However, note that some new features of SCHISM are not fully supported by ACE, and so alternative packages (VisIT) should be used.

The tools can be installed on linux or windows systems.

  1. xmgredit5: a light-weight grid generation and full fledged grid editor. Very useful for creating input files for SCHISM;
  2. xmvis6: viz tool for the binary outputs from SCHISM (after combining from all CPUs). You can viz a horizontal slab, vertical profile at a point, and transect in animation mode.
  3. xmgr5: a matlab-like 2D plot tool.

You can find the ACE package in the source code bundle; there is an install_notes inside.


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