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Below is a recipe provided by Dr. Carsten Lemmen.

From a clean macOS (currently High Sierra), first you need to have a compiler (a clang comes with Xcode)

  • Install XCode from AppStore
  • Install XCode Command Line Tools from within XCode
  • run xcodebuild -license and type "agree"
  • Install MacPorts, i.e. install a toolchain with open source developer tools; there are at least three prominent systems that help you do this (1) fink (2) home-brew (3) macports. Either of them is probably fine and the choice is a matter of taste. I have been using macports.
  • By default, all your programs installed through ports will end up in the prefix /opt/local, so add to your path
    • export PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin
  • Install the packages needed for SCHISM, i.e. deal with netcdf/openmpi/compiler. I have chosen clang5 as my c++, gfortran7 as fortran, and openmpi as MPI for this example
    • port selfupdate
    • port install openmpi-clang50 +gcc7
    • port install netcdf-fortran +gcc7 +openmpi
  • Install cmake
    • port install cmake

That should give you a build system very similar to Linux, i.e. continue with creating a build directory, running cmake with path to SCHISM/src, e.g.:

cd $BUILD_DIR; cmake $SCHISM_DIR/trunk/src -DNetCDF_FORTRAN_DIR=/opt/local -DCMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER=mpifort -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=mpicc -DNetCDF_C_DIR=/opt/local -DTVD_LIM=SB; make pschism

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