Running SCHISM on Windows

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The instruction below is from Jon Shu (Cal-DWR) (July 2018)

  • First download the compiled schism 5.6.1 windows with the necessary dlls at here and decompress.
  • To run it parallel in windows, you need to install MS HPC 2008 package, which can be downloaded at here
  • To run it in parallel on windows, make sure the Microsoft mpiexec is in your path and before other mpiexec (for instance intel mpiexec if you have intel compiler installed before). You can check it by typing “where mpiexec ” under windows command console (or which mpiexec if you have cygwin installed)
  • Copy all input files and the executable and dlls from above into a directory, and then execute the program inside:
mpiexec -np 8 pschism
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