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Hydrodynamic-Eutrophication Model (HEM3D) has been under development at Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) since 1990s. We have completed a second generation of the original HEM3D/EFDC model (Park, et al, 1995). This version is coupled with SCHISM (Semi-implicit, Cross-scale Hydroscience Integrated System Model) as an upgrade. The "VIMS HEM3D with SCHISM inside" is designed to effectively simulate 3D baroclinic circulation across lake-river-shelf-ocean scales with a high degree of resolution. It has the added benefit of being an open-source community-supported modelling system.

"HEM3D with SCHISM inside" refers to the coupled SCHISM-ICM-SED model. Here is an old manual for the original HEM3D. We are still working on an updated version of the manual.

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