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== VIMS (June 2020) ==
== VIMS (July 2020) ==

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VIMS (July 2020)

From Joseph Zhang, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

The SCHISM developer's team is seeking a new staff/post-doc and the search process will start soon. The candidate will have the opportunity to work with my team for stimulating projects related to 3D modeling of coastal ocean including potential extension into water quality and sediment transport, building upon our existing work on Water Initiative (see the 2 recent publications by Ye et al. 2019 and Zhang et al. 2020). The funding from NOPP/NOAA and other agencies is expected to last 2 years.

We especially welcome applicants who have one or more of the following skills

  • Parallel programming and scripting like python and/or web programming
  • Prior SCHISM experiences
  • Strong background in physical/biogeochemical processes in coastal oceans

Minimum qualification is PhD. The online job application can be accessed here.

VIMS (July 2020)

From Joseph Zhang, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

The SCHISM developer's team is looking to recruit new MSc/PhD students for the coming school year. Due to COVID19 VIMS has waived the requirement for GRE for all applications. For more application info see here.

CA-DWR (June 2020)

Linked below is a Water Resources Engineer position specializing in modeling with the State of California. While the job is theoretically open to non-environmental engineers at entry level the career path is much easier if you have a civil/environmental engineer degree.

A great opportunity for established modelers or emerging students who would like to work on modeling applied effects of estuarine processes -- particularly habitat, sea level rise and their intersection with landscape. Candidates will mostly use the Bay-Delta SCHISM model.

More details can be found at

DWR job

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