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(NOAA SCHISM Pacific project training (April 2021))
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*[ Mesh generation]
*[ Mesh generation]
*[  Pre-processing]
*[  Pre-processing]
*[ Post-processing]
==NOAA SCHISM boot camp Feb 2021 ==
==NOAA SCHISM boot camp Feb 2021 ==

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[edit] NOAA SCHISM Pacific project training (April 2021)

Below are Youtube videos for the short training course on setting up SCHISM3D for the Pacific project.

[edit] NOAA SCHISM boot camp Feb 2021

Below are pdfs of the presentations used in the boot camp.


[edit] Special training course @ DWR in April 2019

A special SCHISM Summit & training workshop for developers/advanced users was held in April 2019 at California Dept of Water Resources.

The presentation videos at the workshop can be viewed here

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

[edit] Beginners online course (by Dr. Fei Ye)

Mostly for training VIMS members on how to use SCHISM on our clusters. The audio/videos can be downloaded below.

  1. Session 1
  2. Session 2.1
  3. Session 2.2
  4. Session 3

[edit] OpenCoastS course

Here is a link to some useful videos related to SCHISM and wave modeling. Particularly relevant are 'T2' (parts 1-3).

[edit] May 2016 user training course material

You can download all presentations here.

[edit] ACE tool tutorial

  • Scope: ACE tools; grid generation with SMS
  • Year: 2012
  • Author: Joseph Zhang
  • LINK

[edit] SELFE user training course

  • Scope: model formulation; numerics; model setup and analysis
  • Year: 2009
  • Author: Joseph Zhang
  • LINK
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