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Wetland Plants

Wetlands Flora Reports -The CCRM wetlands flora photo gallery contains a thumbnail of a wetland plant illustrated by Kent Forrest and an associated technical report written by Dr. Gene Silberhorn, VIMS professor emeritus. To access the report and an enlarged plant photo, click on the link. Drawings are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission of the artist.

Basket Oak

Basket Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak - Quercus michauxii Nutt.

Common Elderberry

Common Elderberry, Black Elderberry - Sambucus canadensis L.

Black Gum

Black Gum - Nyssa sylvatica Marsh

Black Willow

Black Willow- Salix nigra Marsh


Cane - Arundinaria gigantea (Walt.) Muhl.

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis L.


Cattail Sedge - Carex typhinia Michx.

Eastern Cottonwood

Eastern Cottonwood - Populus deltoides Marsh

Highbush Blueberry

Highbush Blueberry - Vaccinium corymbosum L.


Ironwood/American Hornbeam - Carpinus caroliniana Walter


Jewelweed/Touch-me-not - Impatiens capensis Meerb


Monkey Flower - Mimulus alatus Ait.

Netted Chain Fern

Netted Chain Fern - Woodwardia areolata (L.) T. Moore

Partridge Pea

Partridge Pea - Chamaecrista fasciculata (Michx.) Greene

River Birch

River Birch - Betula nigra L.

Smooth Alder

Smooth Alder - Alnus serrulata (Ait.) Willd.

Strawberry Bush

Strawberry Bush/Bursting Heart - Euonymus americanus L.

Swamp Dogwood

Swamp Dogwood or Silky Dogwood - Cornus amomum Mill.

Swamp Rose

Swamp Rose - Rosa palustris Marsh

Sweetpepper Bush

Sweetpepper Bush - Clethra alnifolia L.


Tupelo/Water Tupelo - Nyssa aquatica L.

Virginia Willow

Virginia Willow/Tassel-white/Sweet Spires - Itea virginica

Water Willow

Water Willow/Swamp Loosestrife - Decodon verticillaturs

Willow Oak

Willow Oak - Quercus phellos L.

Wool Grass

Wool Grass - Scirpus cyperinus Kunth