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Chesapeake Baywatch - Chesapeake Bay Watch is a continuing program designed to engage the public in issues regarding the living resources and natural history of the Bay.

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CCRM Presentations - Presentations by CCRM staff were originally produced in Powerpoint for workshops and subsequently converted to html for the web.

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Garden Club Scholarship - The Garden Club of America provides an Award in Coastal Wetland Studies. The award is a one year scholarship for graduate studies in coastal wetlands and carries a stipend of $5,000 to support field based research.

BMP Course

Shoreline Best Management Practices Online Course - This free online course provides an overview of the scientific rationale behind the latest shoreline best management practice recommendations.

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Training & Workshops - CCRM holds Tidal Wetlands Workshops in the spring and fall of each year. The Center also is a major contributor to the annual VIMS Marine Science Day which showcases the research activities of the VIrginia Institute of Marine Science.

school of marine science

VIMS School of Marine Science - The College of William and Mary's School of Marine Science offers graduate students with an interest in management related programs, a suite of courses tailored to particular areas of emphasis.

VIMS Teaching Marsh

VIMS Teaching Marsh - The Teaching Marsh at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) is a one-acre site restored to marshland for both practical and educational purposes.