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Education: Wetlands Self Taught Education Units

Self-paced instructional units designed to provide basic information about the management of Virginia tidal wetland resources.

The self-taught education units are based on the Tidal Wetlands Education Curriculum, which is presented in seminar form. However, the self-taught units were designed for the convenience of those individuals who may be unable to attend our formal workshops or prefer to work at their own pace. The Wetlands Education Program, including the seminar presentation and self-taught education units, provides a consistent and comprehensive program for wetland board members, planning staff, coastal resource managers, applicants, agents, contractors, and interested citizen groups.

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Coastal Resources and the Permit Process (Test)

Coastal Shoreline Defense Structures (Test)

Wetlands Ecology - (Test)

Wetland Functions and Values (Test)

These units currently have information but no test.

Human Activities, Impacts, and Alternatives

Coastal Resources Management in Virginia

Wetland Creation & Restoration as Compensation for Wetland Losses

The Role of the Wetlands Board Operational Procedures