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ccrm logo A Collaborative Summit: Protecting Water Quality through Actions on Urban-Suburban Properties

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 13 - 2013:
8 am (registration), 9 - 6:30 pm and
Thursday, February 14, 2013: 8:30 (registration), 9 - 2:45 pm

Summit Report

Hosted & Sponsored by: Wetlands Watch, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management, and UVA Institute for Environmental Negotiation




A Collaborative Summit
bringing together a diverse group of 200 people all working to locally promote and implement onsite, watershed restoration and stormwater reduction practices, including stormwater retrofits: rain gardens, native plant buffers, permeable pavers, planting trees, green roofs, etc.

Virginia localities need to accelerate the adoption and accounting of these practices to achieve their Chesapeake Bay watershed restoration and stormwater pollution reduction goals for developed private property. All these efforts, government and non-government, need long-term, financially viable strategies and more citizen support and would benefit from collaboration and sharing of resources. This summit is the first in a series of events designed to bring great minds together to address these issues and envision a “Path Forward” to a significant expansion in actions on private property that protect water quality and restore our watersheds and habitat. Visit the Wetlands Watch website or the registration form for more information.

Who will attend?
Watershed & Habitat Restoration Organizations, Local & Regional Government, State & Federal Agency Representatives, Researchers, Environmental & Stormwater Professionals, Landscape & Nursery Professionals, Trained Stewards, Cooperative Extension Agents, Funders.

Day One: Wednesday, February 13, 2013
8:00                  REGISTRATION
9:00                  SUMMIT WELCOME AND OPENING
9:15            Protecting Water Quality on Urban-Suburban Properties: Where Are We Now and What Are the Latest Developments?
  • Emerging strategies, technology, tools, & resources
    • BMPs: science and crediting (Bay wide) – Tom Schueler, CSN
    • Making it real in Virginia (Virginia wide) –  Joe Battiata, CWP
10:15                BREAK
10:35           Protecting Water Quality on Urban-Suburban Properties: Where Are We Now and What Are the Latest Developments? (Continued)
    • Reporting Tools – Amanda Rockler, University of Maryland
    • Community-Based Social Marketing – Erin Ling, Virginia Tech
    • Falls Church Game (quick overview)
    • Addressing Maintenance & Inspections – Richard Klein, Community & Environmental Defense Services
    • Pulling It All together in Arlington County – Christin Jolicoeur, Arlington County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Management and Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council Chair
    • (30 min) Q/A Discussion
12:00                NETWORKING LUNCH 
1:00                  Going Forward: Challenges, Barriers and Emerging Trends?
2:30                  What Do You Think? Taking the Pulse of Summit Participants.
3:00                  BREAK
3:20                  Creating the Vision and Path Forward
Developing the priority discussion topics and setting the agenda for Day 2
  • We envision 2030 as a time when individual urban-suburban properties are not contributing pollution to Virginia’s waters and the Chesapeake Bay.
  • What initiatives and collaborations in these 7 strategic paths would help us achieve this vision?
    1. BMP guidance and accounting
    2. Education and social marketing
    3. Training programs
    4. Communication / networks
    5. Partnerships between/ within all government levels and with all NGOs.
    6. Oversight/management of watershed restoration efforts & programs within localities
    7. Funding for pollution prevention
  • Which topics are most important to you? Attendees may offer to lead a work session, may choose to attend a handful of work sessions led by others, or may float around, spreading ideas and enthusiasm between groups.
    • Is there a particular project you are passionate about and would like to make happen?
    • Is there an issue you feel is critical for the group to discuss? A topic related to one or more of these 7 strategic paths?
    • Are there possibilities for continuing and enhancing current projects?
4:15                 Previewing Day 2
Day Two: Thursday, February 14, 2013
9:00                 Review of Day 1, Review Ground-rules of “Open Space” Discussions
9:15                  Creating Our Collaborative Vision and Path Forward
OPEN SPACE SESSION of small work groups work session (topics from Day 1)
11:30                Sharing Outcomes
12:00                NETWORKING LUNCH
1:00                  Refining Our Collaborative Path Forward: Creating “SMART” Strategies

2:00                  Sharing and Reviewing Our Collaborative Path Forward
2:30                  Next Steps and Final Discussion
2:45                  Adjourn
For additional conference topic information, contact: Shereen Hughes - A Collaborative Summit, Shereen.hughes@wetlandswatch.org or 757-880-6802
Registration due on or before 2/6/2013.
Please note: If you are registering more than one person from your office, you must complete your first registration then open a new form to complete the second registration.

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