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ccrm logo Cinco de Mayo Fest: Applying Policy to Shoreline Management

coastal decision toolsThursday, May 5, 2011
Watermen’s Hall Auditorium
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Gloucester Point, VA  23062

A workshop was held at VIMS for local government staff, advisory board members, marine contractors, permitting agents, environmental consultants, and those generally interested in coastal resources management in the Commonwealth. Speakers included VIMS/CCRM scientists, VMRC engineers, and General Assembly legislative staff.

Workshop Session Presentations

Virginia Senate Bill 964 – Coastal Resource Management
Matt Strickler, Legislative Asst. for Sen. Ralph Northam

SB964 –The General Permit and Integrated Guidance
Tony Watkinson, Chief, Habitat Management Division, VMRC

Virginia Wetland Program Plan
Pam Mason, VIMS-CCRM

Establishing Tidal Datums
Hank Badger, Environmental Engineer and Marine Surveyor, VMRC

York River Breakwaters and VIMS Shoreline
Scott Hardaway, Director, VIMS Shoreline Studies Program

Workshop Session Handouts

Based on feedback from workshop participants, we have made the following revisions to the Currently Defended Decision Trees that were presented at the 5/5/11 workshop.  The revised decision trees are available by scrolling down to the links on this page:

  1. Title for each decision tree now in bold red.

  2. Serviceable bulkheads and revetments in good condition – added suggestion to consider real need for structure at that location; if not really needed, consider removing it; if needed, inspect and maintain while considering alternatives for eventual replacement.

  3. Low energy settings – added “grade bank if necessary” to “remove and replace with integrated vegetation buffers.”

Guiding Principles
structural integrity
Structural Integrity Guidance
Currently Defended Definitions
multiple structures
Multiple Structure Types
Existing Bulkhead
Existing Revetment
Existing Groins
Existing Marsh Sill
Existing Offshore Breakwaters

Web Links Related to Workshop Materials

VIMS Center for Coastal Resources Management website:

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SAM – Shoreline Assessment Mapper

Chesapeake Bay Shoreline Inventories

Tidal Marsh Inventories:
http://ccrm.vims.edu/gis_data_maps/static_maps/gis/tmi.html  (GIS data)
(pdf versions of original reports available at: http://ccrm.vims.edu/publications/tidal_marsh_inventories.html

Virginia Senate Bill 964 – Coastal Resource Management

Decision Trees:

Living Shorelines Website: