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ccrm logoCCRM Spring 2015 Workshop: Looking Backward & Forward: Adaptive Management for Virginia's Tidal Shorelines

Beach talk


A workshop was held June 5th, 2015 at VIMS focusing on the lessons learned from 50 years of coastal resource management and how it informs and directs future management initiatives. The program included presentations, breakout group discussions and adaptive management activities.

Final Agenda

Workshop Handouts


Tidal Wetlands Advisory Service in Virginia: Adaptive Management
Pamela Mason, VIMS-CCRM

Evolution of VIMS Tools
Marcia Berman, VIMS-CCRM

Evolution of VIMS Advice
Christine Tombleson, VIMS-CCRM

VMRC Update
Tony Watkinson, VMRC

Facilitated Breakout Group

Participants were evenly divided into three groups. Each group discussed the questions:
1. What are the main barriers to reducing the amount of shoreline hardening permitted annually?
2. What management strategies would help improve the top two barriers?

Breakout Groups Summary