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Nontidal GIS Products

  • Wetlands Data Viewer - The Wetlands Data Viewer tool allows users to obtain National Wetland Inventory (NWI) statistics for any hydrologic unit in Virginia.

  • Wetlands Mitigation Targeting Tool - This tool uses GIS to target sites in the landscape suitable for wetland creation. It has application for wetland restoration or mitigation projects. The tool outputs selected sites based on five suitability parameters: presence of hydric soils, presence of hydrology, adjacency to existing wetlands, existing landuse and the opportunity for landscape conversion, and proximity to designated conservation areas.

  • York River Wetlands Assessment - This study provides baseline data on the extent and condition of 2,188 tidal wetlands within the York River Watershed. These data provide valuable information in identifying wetland restoration opportunities, evaluating appropriate mitigation ratios, and determining cumulative impacts within a watershed.