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Living Shorelines: Structural or "Hybrid" Options

Hybrid living shoreline options include structures that are necessary to support vegetation growth or to create wide stable beaches. These methods are used where non-structural methods would not provide enough protection. The structure's size depends on how wide the vegetation or beach buffer can be. Click on photo for enlargement and link for more detailed information. See Structures Glossary for term definitions.

marsh toe revetment

Marsh Toe Revetment with Natural Marsh

Low profile revetment placed along the edge of an existing tidal marsh.

marsh sill

Marsh Sill with Planted Marsh

Low profile revetment backfilled with sand to create an intertidal marsh, may be a long continuous structure or in sections with tidal gaps.

breakwater system

Offshore Breakwater System

Series of rock structures strategically placed offshore to refract waves and produce stable pocket beaches.

oyster reef

Oyster Reef

Bagged or loose oyster shell is placed along a marsh edge by itself or with other containment structures.

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