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Resources: York River Water Budget

Virginia has no watershed level accounting of all existing and planned withdrawals for Virginia’s rivers. Under severe drought conditions, available flow in the York and Rappahannock are fully subscribed with little surplus beyond current uses and the minimum flows necessary to support aquatic life.  Impacted ecological services under these stressed conditions include habitat and recreation.  Planning for new withdrawals requires very careful consideration of ecological consequences and affects on existing uses. For success, clear and measureable goals must be translated into practical guidelines.

Below are a summary of the York River Water Budget Report. Please see the link to the Report for more detailed information and citations.

River Flow
Common Methods for Determining Minimum In-Stream Flow

Taskinas Creek

Estuary Characteristics and Daily Flow Rates in the York River and Tributaries
Recreational considerations
Potential Methods for Developing a York River Water Budget
Biological Methods
Management Considerations and Priority Conservation Areas
York River Vista
Literature Cited and Useful Links
Final Report and York River Water Withdrawl Permit Holders Table