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On Windows 7 or 10:

  1. First download VisIT from LLNL site and install. Use default dir (and record it), e.g. C:\Users\yjzhang\AppData\Local\Programs\LLNL\VisIt*
  2. Download pre-built plug-in, developed at California Dept of Water Resource here and put the files in: C:\Users\yjzhang\AppData\Roaming\LLNL\VisIt\databases (create new dirs if necessary). This dlls location works for VisIt 2.13.2 or below. From VisIt 2.13.3, you need to put dlls on C:\Users\your_account_name\Documents\VisIt\databases. Alternatively, please email Jon Shu at and let him know the version of visit you are using. Here is the link of plugin build for 2.13.3 [1].
  3. If you use SCHISM v5.6.1 (netcdf I/O), note that VisIT has issues with stack overflow with nc4, so you need to do the following work-around until LLNL fixes the issue:
    • Go to UCAR and get their installer for the latest C library, e.g. 4.5.0;
    • Complete the installation and record the install dir. Then copy all files in bin/ of the install dir to the VisIT dir in (1) to overwrite.
  4. After these steps, you'd be able to read in SCHISM outputs in ViSIT; look for 'SCHISM', 'gr3' format from the dropdown list.
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