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On Windows 7 or 10:

  1. First download VisIT from LLNL site and install. Use default dir (and record it), e.g. C:\Users\yjzhang\AppData\Local\Programs\LLNL\VisIt*
  2. Download pre-built plug-in, developed at California Dept of Water Resource here and put the files in: C:\Users\yjzhang\AppData\Roaming\LLNL\VisIt\databases (create new dirs if necessary). Alternatively, please email Dr. Jon Shu at and let him know the version of visit you are using.
  3. If you use SCHISM v5.6.1 (netcdf I/O), note that VisIT has issues with stack overflow with nc4, so you need to do the following work-around until LLNL fixes the issue:
    • Go to UCAR and get their installer for the latest C library, e.g. 4.5.0;
    • Complete the installation and record the install dir. Then copy all files in bin/ of the install dir to the VisIT dir in (1) to overwrite.
  4. After these steps, you'd be able to read in SCHISM outputs in ViSIT; look for 'SCHISM', 'gr3' format from the dropdown list.
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