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CCRM Presentations: Tools of the Tidal Shoreline
Management Trade - October 13, 2006

study area

Mapping Tools for Coastal Management in Virginia
Marcia Berman- CCRM - marcia@vims.edu

other tools

Other On-Line Tools & Databases
Karen Duhring - CCRM - karend@vims.edu

tool applications

Tool Applications & Case Studies
Molly Roggero - CCRM - molly@vims.edu

boot camp

Wetlands Board Boot Camp
Julie Bradshaw - CCRM - julieb@vims.edu
Pam Mason - CCRM - mason@vims.edu

Todd Herbert - CCRM -bherbert@vims.edu

GIS Tools
Marcia Berman- CCRM - marcia@vims.edu


Tools for Siting & Designing Living Shorelines
Karen Duhring - CCRM - karend@vims.edu


Sand Dunes of the Chesapeake
Scott Hardaway - VIMS Shoreline Studies Program - hardaway@vims.edu

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Workshop Handouts - Various handouts related to tidal shoreline management were provided to workshop participants on a CD - click here for CD contents or individual segments below.

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