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CCRM Presentations: Avoid - Minimize - Compensate Through Integrated Shoreline Management - March 10, 2006

These presentations were given at the VIMS Tidal Wetlands Workshop held March 10, 2006. Although these can be viewed from several internet platforms, Internet Explorer seems to provide the largest view of slides. Notes are located under several of the talks for more information - see below for agenda and links to presentations.

Julie Bradshaw

Introduction to Audience Response System
Julie Bradshaw - CCRM - julieb@vims.edu

Carl Hershner

Integrated Coastal Management – A Shoreline Perspective
Carl Hershner, Pam Mason, and Molly Roggero - CCRM - carl@vims.edu, mason@vims.edu, molly@vims.edu

Karen Duhring

Living Shorelines - Definitions, Challenges & Public Demonstration Projects
Karen Duhring and Todd Herbert - CCRM - karend@vims.edu, bherbert@vims.edu

Kevin Du Bois

Using a Citizen's Wetland Education Workshop As A Tool in Regulatory Compliance (A “Driver's Safety” Course for Wetland Violators) - (this is a large file and may take time to download)
Kevin R. Du Bois - City of Norfolk - kevin.dubois@norfolk.gov

Panel Discussion

Tidal Wetland Mitigation/Compensation Policy - Panel discussion with public & private sector representatives directly involved with tidal wetland restoration, in-lieu fees & tidal wetland mitigation banking
Facilitated by David O'Brien - CCRM - dobrien@vims.edu

New! Questions and topics from the panel discussion

Mitigation/Compensation Panel Members

  • Kay Wilson, Associate City Attorney, City of Virginia Beach

  • Wayne Couch, Wetlands Board Staff, City of Virginia Beach

  • Jan Briede, PhD consultant, F & R

  • Ken Kurkowski, Chair, Mathews County Wetlands Board

  • Mik Lestyan, Wetlands Board Staff, City of Chesapeake

  • Tony Watkinson, Deputy Chief, Habitat Management Division, VMRC

Tony Watkinson General Assembly Update
Tony Watkinson - VMRC - Tony.Watkinson@mrc.virginia.gov
Padgett Comm.

Workshop Evaluation with Audience Response System
(for more info on audience response system contact Padgett Communications)
Julie Bradshaw -CCRM - julieb@vims.edu

Other items of Interest
Photo Gallery Photo gallery of the meeting day (by Bohemian Photography)
Dyke Marsh Dyke Marsh Film Presentation information (see second paragraph)