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CCRM Presentations: Sea Level Rise & Other Coastal Hazards: The Risks of Coastal Living - May 11, 2007

National Issues & Implications for Coastal Virginia - Climate Change Impacts and Risks in Coastal Environments - Dr. John Wells, Dean & Director, VIMS

Sea Level Rise, Hardened Shorelines, and Impacts on Virginia’s Tidal Wetlands – An Inevitable Truth - Dr. Kirk Havens, CCRM

How Global Warming and Climate Change May Be Affecting Chesapeake Bay Seagrasses - Dr. Ken Moore, Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Climate Change Implications for Coastal Communities – More Inconvenient Truths -
Marcia Berman, CCRM

Ecosystem Services: The Reason We Regulate Shoreline Development - Dr. Carl Hershner, CCRM

Intensely Managed Shorelines: Cumulative effects of historic decision-making limit today’s management options - David O’Brien, CCRM

Managing Sea Level Rise in Developed Areas - Todd Herbert, CCRM

Developing in Risky Areas - Julie Bradshaw, CCRM

Planning for the Future, Developing Today - Molly Roggero, CCRM

Wrap-Up – Zoning, Subdivision, and Site Planning: What Coastal Communities Can Do to Address Sea Level Rise - Joe Lerch, Chesapeake Bay Foundation