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CCRM Presentations: VIMS Tidal Wetlands Workshop -
March 9, 2005

These presentations were given at the VIMS Tidal Wetlands Workshop held March 9, 2005. Although these can be viewed from several internet platforms, Internet Explorer seems to provide the largest view of slides. Notes are located under several of the talks for more information. Remaining presentations will be added to the list of links in the near future.
Title and Presenter

Jurisdictions and the Permit Process
Pam Mason - VIMS, mason@vims.edu

2004 Cumulative Impacts Assessment
Karen Duhring - VIMS, karend@vims.edu

Living Shorelines Stewardship Initiatives
David Burke - Burke Environmental Associates LLC, dgburke@verizon.net

Legislative Update & Discussion of Management Issues
Tony Watkinson - VMRC, Tony.Watkinson@mrc.virginia.gov

Tidal Wetland Community Types of Virginia
Tom Barnard - VIMS, barn@vims.edu