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Workshops and Events: The Big Picture: Managing Wetlands from a Shoreline Perspective, October 19, 2007

Individual permit decisions typically focus on the effects of single structures on the immediate vicinity, yet the cumulative impacts of multiple projects on public trust resources can affect the entire ecosystem. This workshop raised awareness about the need to consider both risk and the need for protection as well as optimizing ecosystem services that have public benefits. Actual case studies described the ramifications of management choices on ecosystem services in the backyard and beyond. Options that balance site-specific needs with watershed impacts or benefits were highlighted.

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Ecosystem Services of Tidal Shorelines - Dr. Carl Hershner

Case Studies #1 – Typical Tradeoffs & Cumulative Impacts - Karen Duhring

Case Studies #2 – Balancing Protection & Ecosystem Services - Todd Herbert

Colonial Parkway Bus Tour -Tour Guides: Pam Mason, Julie Bradshaw & Molly Roggero

Six different shoreline situations illustrated how to assess erosion and risk conditions. Attendees used a worksheet that contained shoreline variables for each site. They could then choose shoreline protection strategies according to each assessment that enhanced or restored ecosystem services with public benefits (see link Handouts with evaluation and location descriptions.)

    For additional information, please see the 2007 Fall Virginia Wetlands Report