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The Center for Coastal Resources Management focuses on applied research, advisory service, and outreach activities in support of government agencies and nongovernmental organizations involved in resource management. Continuing work is conducted in tidal and non-tidal wetlands, estuarine and coastal shorelines, geographic and living resource inventories, and watershed management.

fish in hand

Bay Fauna - research related to various species within Chesapeake Bay

nearshore conditions

Nearshore Ecology - information regarding the effects of coastal stressors on nearshore habitats and biological communities.

VIMS boat basin

Living Shorelines - research related to the ecological and erosion protection functions of Chesapeake Bay living shorelines

benthic characterization

Mapping & Surveying - information related to nearshore habitat mapping and potential habitat conflicts

crab trap

Marine Debris - a collection of research related to shallow water habitats and shorelines


Wetlands - research related to tidal and non-tidal wetlands.

water and sediments

Water and Sediments - research related to water, suspended sediments, physical processes and water quality issues.