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Research: Mapping & Surveying

terrapins caught in crabpots

CCRM has research projects related to nearshore fauna such as terrapin habitat conflicts, Atlantic sturgeon spawning habitat, and derelict crabpot bycatch degradable panels.

benthic characterization

Benthic and Shallow Water Characteristics - An investigation of the characterization of shallow benthic habitat (< 4 m depth) where many critical structural habitats such as seagrass beds, shellfish beds and sandflats occur.


MARSH Project - Monitoring the Active Replenishment of Subsiding Habitat. This project focuses on the observed changes of marsh habitat resulting from rising sea level, potentially combined with local subsidence.

caroline county virginia shoreline survey

Shoreline Inventory - a collection of shoreline maps for MD and VA that divide the shorezone into three regions: 1) the immediate riparian zone, evaluated for land use; 2) the bank, evaluated for height, stability, cover and natural protection; and 3) the shoreline, describing the presence of shoreline structures for shore protection and recreational access.