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CCRM Integrated Wetlands and Shoreline Guidance

There are complex interactions and tremendous value to tidal shorelines. In addition, various government entities in Virginia have management jurisdictions over tidal shorelines. The concept of integrated guidance addresses the complexities found in all aspects of the tidal ecosystem and its management.


Comprehensive Wetland Program Plan Commonwealth of Virginia 2011 - 2015

sj35 Shoreline Study Report

SJ35 Shoreline Study Report as served by the Virginia General Assembly, Legislative Information System

Decision Tree

Decision Tools - CCRM has developed a series of shoreline management decision tools that leads users through a series of questions about shoreline characteristics and results in a recommendation of the environmentally preferable treatment(s) for that shoreline.

Workshop Presentations

Shoreline BMP

Shoreline Best Management Practices Course - a free online course directed primarily at local government staff and appointed Board members in the Tidewater region of Virginia. It has 11 modules with videos and quizzes which provides an overview of the scientific rationale behind the latest shoreline best management practice recommendations.

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CCRM Integrated Guidance Document pdf
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