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Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Plans (CCRMPs) - a portal to guidance, data, and resources for local governments to assist with implementation of new policy mandated by the General Assembly of Virginia for management of tidal shorelines in Virginia.

ccrm wetlands workshop

CCRM Shoreline Guidance - list of CCRM guidance measures for decisions related to tidal wetlands and shorelines.

coastal vegetation

Other Permitting Agency Guidance - information and links for other agencies related to wetlands permitting and shoreline management.

Decision Tree Tool Decision Tree Tool Decision Tree Tool decision diagram

Decision Tools - shoreline management decision tools for environmentally preferable treatment(s) for that shoreline.

permit record

Permit Records - a collection of VIMS Shoreline Permit Application Records.

wetlands forum

Discussion Forum - to exchange questions, ideas, or general comments regarding Tidal Wetlands and Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act issues.