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Research: Atlantic Sturgeon Spawning Habitat on the James River, Virginia

Principle Investigator:  Donna Marie Bilkovic, Funding Agencies (NOAA/NCBO and USFWS)

Summary and Photo Gallery

  • 20% (1.2 km2) of the processed riverbed (5.8 km2) classified as hard substrate

  • Benthic characterization provides spatially-explicit information on available spawning habitats. It can be used for targeting potential restoration reaches & habitat suitability modeling.

  • With any remote classification techniques, further verification of spawning habitat viability is needed for site-specific activities. For e.g. underwater video at select river areas can be used to qualitatively assess siltation problems on a limited temporal scale, but longer term intensive evaluations of siltation patterns on site may be necessary to ensure spawning habitat restoration success.

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Orange 7 boatwork
Bottom viewing Shoreline


- Video Clip of Bottom