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Beta testing of new SELFE

SELFE modelling system

SELFE developers have been actively working on extending the model capability beyond hydrodynamics/hydraulics, and we are pleased to announce that we have now working versions of the modeling system that includes water quality (CE-QUAL-ICM, Cerco et al. 1994), ecological model (EcoSim 2.0),and more are expected in the future.
These new models are still in research mode and need active participation of the end users. In addition, we are facing some license issues with those new models. Therefore we cannot open-release all of them with SELFE.

How to get the new code

If you are interested in participating in the testing of these models, you need to first register yourself to the SELFE mailing list at the main site, and also agree to the following additional license language:

  • report any problems/bugs ONLY to all developers (via as soon as you find them;
  • share your experiences among all developers;
  • do not distribute the code/documentations.

If you agree, please send a message to, with the following info:

  • your full name and official affiliation and work address;
  • your work email address and phone number;
  • a brief description of your research interests.