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  1. The information on this site under 'User contribution' is contributed by users and developers alike, and therefore the developers cannot guarantee all info is correct and up to date, although they are committed to patrolling the site regularly. Verify if necessary by sending a message to the SCHISM mailing-list:
  2. Click the logo on the left anytime to get back to this main wiki page. 'SCHISM web' below is a link to the main SCHISM web site
  3. Some info may be version sensitive, and so consult the files in your source code bundle for up-to-date info
  4. Please consider contributing to any topic and suggest new topics of your interest. You first need to have an account created for you (we do not allow people to create accounts themselves to prevent spams). If you would like to contribute to the page please send an e-mail to Joseph Zhang.
  5. The links below that have content are in blue.

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